Cheshire Service Ethiopia (Menagesha, Ethiopia)

The Cheshire Rehabilitation Centre provides the optimal climate conditions for growing and harvesting highland herbs. Currently Damascene is growing lavender, mint , sage and rosemary in 3 ha with possibility of expansion before end of year 2015 to 5 ha , in addition the farmers and the centre have eucalyptus globules which Damascene start buying from them and extract oil . Demascene has a 5 year contract to rent these premises, of which 1 years have passed. After this, it can be assumed that the contract will be prolonged. Nevertheless, Damascene is looking for land as a way to mitigate this risk. There are 2 to 3 litters of essential oils being produced at Cheshire every day.



South Location (Wondo Genet, Ethiopia)

In Wondo Genet Damascene rents machinery from the locals living in Wondo Genet having essential oil extractor and some times from wondogenet Agricultural Research Centre for 5 months per calendar year to produce oils from the herbs provided by the ABARO Farmers Union. During these months, the company employs 2 full time workers and 1 part-time worker.The central purpose of this facility is for eucalyptus and lowland herb extraction. Damascene is producing only 5 months in those months able to get the herbs from the union.


Retail Shop (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

Damascene has a retail shop located in the CMC shopping center at Woreda 8, Bole Sub-city,here it employs 1 full-time sales representative.